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The Way to Heaven: Live Humbly and Selfgiving



Today we cover Jesus’ teachings to disciples on the way to Jerusalem, a symbol of heaven.

Because the original sin causes human beings conceited and wanton, they must live humbly and self-giving to get the justification.


Disciples all want to become the first (Mk 9:33-37) but Jesus teaches them to serve humbly and not to monopolize driving demons (Mk 9:35-40).

Prophesying and driving demons are works of everyone anointed by Spirit. Jesus said: “Do not prevent him. There is no one who performs a mighty deed in my name who can at the same time speak ill of me” (Mk 9:39) for “no one can say “ Jesus is Lord” except by the holy Spirit”( 1Cor 12:3).

The conceit and monopoly were pretold in Numbers. Moses answered Joshua: “Are you jealous for my sake? Would that all the people of Lord were prophets! Would that the Lord might bestow his Spirit on them all!” (Num 11:25-29).

Be humble in receiving. Receiving on behalf of Jesus and for kingdom of God (receiving disciples) will win the heavenly reward despite giving a cup of water (Mk 9:41).

Living humbly is not part of the plan to make unfairly riches because St James wrote : “Come now, you rich weep and wail over your impending miseries. Your wealth has rotted away…the wages you withheld from the workers who harvested your fields are crying aloud….(Jam 5:1-6).


According to Mark’s report, Jesus does not only tell disciples to live humble in spirit but also self-giving by body.

It is essential for us to live humble in spirit and self-giving by body as a way of entering into the kingdom of heaven. This is a good model but if anybody who is a bad example to a little one , this is proportional to death (Mk 9:42).

The little one represents the belief-weakling, the disciple or the ignorant of religion (Lc 11:52). They are easy to fall.

People usually make one another into sin using either their eyes, hands and feet. Jesus teaches that hands, feet and eyes can lead one to sin (Mk9: 43-47).

How valuable the divine kingdom is! We had better give ourselves in body today.

Written by Jos. Rao Dang Van, pp.



Hôm nay chúng ta nói về lời Chúa dạy các môn đệ trên đường lên Giê-ru-sa-lem, biểu tượng Nước Trời.
Vì tội nguyên làm cho người ta kiêu ngạo và lăng loàn nên muốn được công chính hóa , người ta phải sống khiêm tốn và hi sinh.
Môn đệ nào cũng muốn làm đầu (Mc 9:35-37) nhưng Chúa khuyên họ khiêm tốn phục vụ và đừng giữ độc quyền trừ quỉ (Mc 9:35-40).
Nói tiên tri và trừ quỉ là việc của tất cả những ai đã được Chúa Thánh Thần xức dầu . Chúa phán: “Đừng ngăn cản hắn vì không ai nhân danh Thầy làm phép lạ mà lại nói xấu Thầy “ (Mc 9:39) vì “Không ai có thể nói “Giê-su là Chúa” mà không nhờ Thần Khí” ( 1Cor 12:3).
Sự kiêu ngạo và độc quyền đó đã được tiên báo trong sách Dân Số. Mô-sê trả lời Gio-sua : “ Anh ghen cho tôi sao? Ước chi tất cả dân Chúa đều là tiên tri! Ước chi Chúa ban Thần Khí trên tất cả!” (Ds 11:25-29).
Kẻ khiêm tốn thì phục vụ khi đón tiếp. Đón tiếp vì Chúa và vì Nước Trời (đón tiếp môn đệ) thì sẽ lãnh phần thưởng Nước trời dù cho chỉ một chén nước lã.
Khiêm tốn thì không kiêu căng với dự tính làm giàu bất công vì thánh Gia-cô-bê viết : “kẻ giầu hãy đến đây kêu khóc vì sự khốn khổ sắp xảy ra cho ngươi. Tài sản ngươi sẽ mục nát…tiền lương thợ gặt ngươi gian lận đang kêu tới trời…(Gcb 5:1-6).


Theo bài tường thuật của th.Mát-cô, Chúa không chỉ dạy môn đệ sống khiêm tốn trong tinh thần mà còn dạy sống hy sinh nơi thân xác.
Sống khiêm tốn trong tinh thần và hy sinh nơi thân xác là đi trên đường tới Nước Trời và đó là gương mẫu tốt nhưng nếu ai làm gương mù cho kẻ bé mọn thì đáng chết (Mc 9:42). Kẻ bé mọn đây là kẻ còn yếu đức tin, môn đệ hay cả người dốt về đạo (Lc 11:52). Họ là những người dễ sa ngã.
Thường là người ta làm cho nhau sa ngã khi giao tiếp cho nên Chúa mới bảo tay, chân và mắt gây nên tội (Mk9: 43-47).
Vì Nước Trời quí trong biết bao cho nên chúng ta nên hy sinh thân mình như Chúa dạy hôm nay mới phải.

Lm.Gs.Đặng Văn Rao soạn.
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  1. Nguyễn Văn Mơ
    Tháng Mười 1, 2012 lúc 12:29 chiều


    Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time / B

    OPEN TO THE SPIRIT’S WORKINGS! The Spirit of God is present and active in the world. Wherever we see good we know that God’s Spirit is at work. The Spirit works in surprising ways. It is sometimes through the least important member of a community that the
    Spirit speaks. May bigotry and prejudice never blind us to the workings of God in our Church and in our world.

    Resp Psalm Ps 18:8, 10, 12-14. R. v. 9

    R. The precepts of the Lord give jo to the heart.

    1. The law of the Lord is perfect, / it revives the soul. / The rule of the Lord is to be trusted, /it gives wisdom to the simple. R.

    2. The fear of the Lord is holy, / abiding for ever. / The decrees of the Lord are truth / and all of them just. R.

    3. So in them your servant finds instruction; / great reward is in their keeping. / but who can detect all his errors? / From hidden faults acquit me. R.

    4. From presumption restrain your servant / and let it not rule me. / Then shall I be blameless, / clean from grave sin. R.

    Communion Antiphon cf. Ps 118:49-50

    Remember your word to your servant, O Lord, by which you have given me hope.
    This is my comfort when I am brought low.



    The disciples are humbled when an outsider’s success comes on the heels of their failure to drive out the evil spirit in a boy ( Mk 9:14-18). They react with a typical propensity for exclusivity. They want to prevent the anonymous exorcist from healing just because he does not belong to the group. As Jesus disciples, they think that they have the monopoly on God’s power and graces.

    In response, Jesus emphasises the tolerance and broadmindedness which ought to characterise anyone claiming to be his disciple. To perform exorcism successfully means that the exorcist has complete trust in God and faith in the power of Jesus. Siding with Jesus against evil powers means that the exorcist has no axe to grind against the Lord. He, though an outsider, is a man of greater faith than those who carry the Lord’s name superficially.

    Jesus’ broadmindedness earns him the ire of the inhabitants of Nazareth, his native place. Jesus tells the people that the prophets of Israel couldn’t be monopolised. God had sent Elijah to a widow of pagan Zarephath and Elisha to cure Naaman, the Syrian leper, even though there were many widows and lepers in Israel in those days (Lk 4:24-27). God is free to choose those on whom to bestow his gifts and mercy.

    God can work in mysterious ways in people who outwardly do not belong to Jesus’ inner circle of followers, people who are open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit whom God deems fit to do his might deeds.

    Fr. Gil Alinsangan SSP

  2. Nguyễn Văn Mơ
    Tháng Mười 1, 2012 lúc 10:20 chiều


    Give to us more faith.
    We have so little … we say.
    Yet we have faith in each other – in cheques and banks,
    in trains and airplanes, in cooks,
    and in strangers who drive us in taxis.
    Forgive us for our stupidity,
    that we have faith in people whom we do not know,
    and are reluctant to have faith
    in you who knows us altogether.

    Peter Marshall

  3. Nguyễn Văn Mơ
    Tháng Mười 2, 2012 lúc 10:03 sáng


    Lord of Light – shine on us,
    Lord of Peace – dwell in us,
    Lord of Might – succour us,
    Lord of Love – enfold us,
    Lord of Wisdom – enlighten us.
    Then, Lord, let us go out as your witness, in obedience to your command; to share the Good News of your love for us in the gift of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

  4. Nguyễn Văn Mơ
    Tháng Mười 3, 2012 lúc 3:15 sáng


    Show us, good Lord,
    The peace we should seek
    The peace we must give
    The peace we can keep
    The peace we must forgo,
    And the peace you have given in Jesus our Lord.

    Contemporary Prayers fo Public Worship

  5. Nguyễn Văn Mơ
    Tháng Mười 3, 2012 lúc 11:50 chiều


    God of light, you sent Jesus to be the light of the world, to convey a new vision. When my vision becomes clouded, or when the way I lead my life does not reflect your love, grant me the huminity to be open to correction.

  6. Nguyễn Văn Mơ
    Tháng Mười 5, 2012 lúc 12:56 sáng


    At times, my talents and capabilities seem so small.
    I wonder what I am supposed to do in life.
    Everyone wants to make a difference in the world,
    but we are rarely patient to make the difference,
    one person at a time.
    I know that when I place my talents in your hands that you can
    multiply the good effects.
    Help me make a small difference today in the life of one person,
    and help that person make a difference in the like of one other person.
    May your goodness spread until every person is “fed” by small acts
    of kindness multiplied by your grace.

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