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What God has joined together, no human being must separate



Today’s Gospel covers Jesus’ teachings on his way to Jerusalem.. He said, “What God has joined together, no human being must separate”. ( Mk 10:9)

Let‘s research on the reasons why no human being must separate what God has joined together.

According to the bible, there are three reasons:

1. Because human beings did not institute the sacrament of marriage but God did ( Gn 2:21-24).

If the marriage is the contract with freedom, this freedom wants some obligation to God, the institutor of marriage. Moreover freedom and predestination always go together and predestination is good for people.

2. Because marriage is good and stable. God said, “It is not good for man to be alone” (Gn 2:18 ). In fact, as human beings are imperfect creations, they need the help of each other (Gn 2:18). Marriage is stable for “they are no longer two but one flesh ( Gn 2:24; Mk 10:8).

3. The heavenly happiness is something unparalleled, valuable and everlasting. Only it satisfies people. Jesus said, “Not all can accept this word but only those whom that is granted……some, because they have renounced marriage for the sake of the kingdom of heaven….” (Mt 19:11-12). “The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure buried in a field, which a person finds and hides again, and out of joy goes and sells all that he has and buys that field” (Mt 13:44).

These are reasons of supernaturalism. Moreover no separation has reason of humanity and society which we will not discuss now.

Today, the Gospel also covers Jesus’ teachings, following, “Whoever does not accept the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it” ( Mk 10:15 ).

According to the Bible, a child means the poor, with no title and no education. The poor in spirit is not rich in sexual desire. They trust in God and hope for eternal happiness instead of passing happiness.

Pharisees are so rich in sexual desire that they advocate adultery after the temporary permission of Moses. It is contrary to God’s will when he creates the male and female ( Mk 10:2-12), so it is hard for them to enter the kingdom of heaven (Mt 19:23).

My Lord, we do go after Jesus into the kingdom of God. May God bestow us to imitate him as a child: to die poor for sexual desire and to rise rich with “glorified body” (Pl 3:21; Hebr 2:9-11).

Written by Jos.Rao,Dang Van, pp.


Hôm nay Tin Mừng lại đề cập đến giáo huấn của Chúa trên đường về Giê-ru-sa-lem. Ngài phán: “Sự gì Chúa liên kết loài người không được phân ly”(Mc 10:9).

Chúng ta hãy tìm ra những lý do khiến không được phân ly hôn phối.

Theo Thánh Kinh, có ba lý do không được phân ly hôn phối:

1.Vì không phải người ta thiết lập hôn phối mà là Chúa. Nếu hôn phối là khế ước tự do thì tự do cũng đòi có trách nhiệm với Chúa, đấng thiết lập hôn phối. Hơn nữa tự do của con người luôn đi đôi với tiền định của Thiên Chúa mà tiền định thì tốt đẹp cho người ta.

2.Vì hôn phối là tốt đẹp và bền vững. Hôn phối là tốt đẹp vì Chúa phán: “Người ta ở một mình không tốt”( St 2:18). Thật vậy người ta là tạo vật bất toàn nên cần phải giúp đỡ nhau (St 2:18). Hôn phối là bền vững vì “Cả hai đã nên một thân thể “ ( St 2:24; Mc 10:8).

3.Vì hạnh phúc trên trời. Hạnh phúc trên trời là cái không thể so sánh và lại vĩnh cửu. Do đó Chúa phán: “Không phải tất cả ai cũng chấp nhận lời Ta mà chỉ ai được ban ơn . Vì vậy có những người khước từ hôn phối vì Nước Trời (Mt 19:11-12); “ Nước Trời giống như kho báu giấu trong ruộng. Có người thấy đem giấu đi, vui mừng bán để mua cho được ruộng ấy” ( Mt 13:44).

Đó là những lý do siêu nhiên. Còn những lý do nhân bản, xã hội không bàn ở đây.

Hôm nay Tin Mừng cũng đề cập đến lời Chúa sau đây: “Ai không đón nhận Nước Chúa như trẻ nhỏ thì không được vào nước ấy” (Mc 10:15).

Theo Thánh Kinh , trẻ em là người nghèo, không địa vị, học thức và bị loại trừ. Nghèo về tinh thần là không giàu về tính dục. Họ chỉ tin vào Chúa và cậy trông vào hạnh phúc vĩnh cửu thay vì hạnh phúc chóng qua.

Nhóm Biệt Phái giàu về tính dục đến nỗi ủng hộ ngoại tình theo phép tạm thời của Mô-sê. Điều đó trái với ý Chúa khi Ngài tạo dựng nên người nam và người nữ (Mc 10:2-12) và như vậy họ khó mà vào dược Nước Trời (Mc 19:23).

Lạy Chúa, chúng con đi theo Chúa về Giê-ru-sa-lem trên trời. Xin Chúa cho chúng con theo gương Ngài làm trẻ nhỏ: chết nghèo cho tính dục nhưng sống lại giàu trong “thân xác vinh quang”(Pl 3:21; Dt 2:9-11).

Lm Gs.Đặng Văn Rao soạn.
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  1. Nguyen Van Mo
    Tháng Mười 8, 2012 lúc 11:21 chiều


    Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time / B

    ONE BODY. As we hear Jesus proclaim the basic oneness of husband and wife in marriage, a oneness with which no human agency, not even the law of Moses, can interfere, we rejoice in the many couples who have grown closer together through the ups and downs of their married life. We also have compassion for those who have experienced the trauma and distress of a marriage break-up. May all find support and guidance within the Church community.

    Responsorial Psalm Ps 127. R. v. 5

    R. May the Lord bless us all the days of our lives.

    1.O blessed are those who fear the Lord / and walk in his ways! / By the labour of your hands you shall eat. / You will be happy and prosper. R.

    2. Your wife will be like a fruitful vine / in the heart of your house; / your children like shoots of the olive, / around your table. R.

    3. Indeed thus shall be blessed / the man who fears the Lord. / May the Lord bless you from Zion / in a happy Jerusalem / all the days of your life! / May you see you children’s children./ On Israel, peace! R.

    Communion Antiphon Lam 3:25

    The Lord is good to those who hope in him, to the soul that seeks him.


    On 11 October we begin a Year of Faith, called by Pope Benedict XVI. On this day fifth years ago the Second Vatican Council opened. The Council has been described as the great grace bestowed on the Church in the twentieth century. The Year of Faith will be an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the faith handed on through the work if the Council. It will be an occasion to renew the faith we have received as a gift.

    There were two movements for renewal at work in the Council. One was a return to the sources of the Christian faith, particularly the Scriptures and the writings ang liturgies of the early Church.This movement is best characterised as re-awakening our memory of Jesus and what he said and did. It is a movement of the Holy Spirit, promised by Jesus at the Last Supper, when he said the Sprit will remind you of all that I have said.

    The second movement of the Council was an openess to the signs of the times,in order to ensure that our faith in Jesus Christ would address the pressing concerns of the contemporary world. This too is a movement of the Holy Spirit, promised by Jesus when he said that there was still much for them to learn and that the Spirit would lead them into truth.

    These two movements of the Spirit shape the life of every believer. The Year of Faith is an opportunity for our memories to be stirred and our imagination to be renewed so that our profession of faith may shape the way we live.

    Fr Gerad Kelly

  2. Nguyen Van Mo
    Tháng Mười 8, 2012 lúc 11:28 chiều


    Dear God,

    My loving Father be with me today as I open my eyes right to the very end, when I rest my head on my pillow. Guide me through tough times and be with me through happy times.
    Bless me as I’m living and help me encourage my friends. Bless me when I am with my friends.


  3. Nguyen Van Mo
    Tháng Mười 9, 2012 lúc 12:27 sáng

    A Morning Offering

    Loving God, maker of the dawn, we ask for your protection this day.
    You are gentle and kind, merciful to those in need:
    Send the light of your abundant love to those who are lonely and suffering.
    You desire freedom for the oppreseed:
    Shower the earth with justice for those who are imprisoned by hate and fear.
    You bring healing to the wounded:
    Wrap our doubts and failures in the sweet dew of your forgiveness.
    You bring freedom to the captive:
    Break the chains of those bound by their addictions.
    You comfort those who mourn:
    Lift the mist of sorrow from our hearts that we may know joy.
    You bring peace to those in conflict:
    Touch our confusion with quiet clairity.

    God of Justice and mercy, you are our saving God. Come with your power to save, and free those held captive by oppression. Use us as your instruments of mercy and peace. Give us the courage to challenge all that enslaves the human spirit. This we ask in the name of Jesus.


  4. Nguyen Van Mo
    Tháng Mười 9, 2012 lúc 10:07 chiều


    O Lord, help us to be masters of ourselves,
    that we may be servants of others.

    Sir Alexander Paterson

  5. Nguyen Van Mo
    Tháng Mười 10, 2012 lúc 10:38 chiều


    Dear God,

    We thank you for the comfort you bring to us and for the light
    you shed upon the darkness in our lives. Your gentle care
    and kindness gives us strength when we are down. Your loyal
    companionship keeps us secure in knowing we are not alone
    and that we are a special person to you.


  6. Nguyễn Văn Mơ
    Tháng Mười 12, 2012 lúc 5:41 sáng



    Let us pray for all those who are sick or feeling unwell, whether it be physically or emotionally.
    Please renew their spirits and help them find the strength to overcome their illnesses.
    May we never take our good health for granted and always make the most of this precious gift.


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