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The Mission of Resurrection


According to the narration of Jesus’ appearance to his disciples ‘on the first day of the week’, he bestowed upon them the mission of the resurrection (John 20:19-31). The mission of resurrection is to bring life to everyone.

1. Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!” (John 20:19). It is peace that he brought after victory over sin (Luke 7: 50) and death (Gen 7:17 to 8:12).

If the risen Jesus brought peace, the mission of resurrection is to bring peace for mankind which was lost when Adam commited the original sin.

2. If peace only comes after victory over sin and death, then his disciples have to forgive everyone’s sins: “If you forgive anyone’s sins, their sins are forgiven…” (Jn20:23). To forgive everyone’s sins is the mission of resurrection.

“Who can forgive sins but God alone?”(Lk 5:21). So the disciples only forgive sins to anyone whom God wants to fogive (Num 22:6 LXX).

3. When Jesus appeared to his disciples ‘on the first day of the week’, he ” breathed on them “(Jn 20:22). He gave the Holy Spirit to his disciples because the Holy Spirit is the fire that purifies the sinner and destroys sin (Deut 9:21; Acts 2:3); the breath (spiritus)brings life (Gen 2:7). So, to resurrect means to recreate the human race who died with the original sin and, the mission of resurrection is to give the Spirit, to give life.

4.To sin means not to believe in the Creator, omnipotent, but to believe in the creature, and to loose one’s inner life(Genesis 3:1-7). To repent is to believe in God, to deny oneself and to cause people to believe and live. So to cause people to believe in God is the mission of resurrection.

If Thomas did not believe in God, still dead in his sin, how can he carry out his mission of resurrection? Then when he appeared, the Lord caused Thomas to believe in him when he showed him his hands and side (Jn 20:27).

The risen Lord lived the transcendent life, so even though Thomas saw his glorious body, he must believe.This caused Jesus to say:“Because you have seen me, you have believed…” (Jn 20:29).

The risen Lord showed his glorious body to Thomas and his disciples in order that they would believe in the Lord’s resurrection and testify to it.

If Christians do not see the glorious body of Lord but believe by testimony of his disciples (John 20:31), they are blessed as he said: “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed “(Jn 20:29).

The disciples believed Jesus through Lord’s glorious body. Christians believed him through the testimony and witness of others. No one saw him in divinity but believed he was God (John 20:31) and professed their belief like Thomas did: “My Lord and my God” (Jn 20:28). They all were on the journey of faith until he is “coming on the clouds of heaven” (Mt 26:64; Jn 14:3).

Belief in Lord’s resurrection: we must proclaim the resurrection because it is the Gospel of salvation. The proclamation of the resurrection is the mission of the resurrection of the disciples and our mission.

Jos.Rao Van Dang, pp


Theo bài tường thuật việc Chúa Giê-su hiện ra với các môn đệ ‘vào chiều thứ nhất trong tuần’ thì ngài đã trao cho các ông sứ mạng phục sinh ( Ga 20:19-31). Sứ mạng phục sinh là đem lại sự sống cho ai đó. Để chu toàn sứ mạng phục sinh, môn đệ Chúa nên làm những việc sau đây:

1.Ngài đứng giữa các ông và nói: “Bình an cho anh em” (Ga 20:19). Bình an ở đây là bình an ngài đem lại sau chiến thắng tội lỗi (Lc 7:50) và sự chết (St 7:17-8:12). Nếu Chúa phục sinh đem lại bình an thì sứ mạng phục sinh phải là đem lại bình an cho loài người đã mất khi A-đam phạm tội.

2.Nếu bình an chỉ đến sau chiến thắng tội lỗi và sự chết, các môn đệ phải đi tha tội cho mọi người: “Anh em tha tội cho ai thì kẻ ấy được tha…”(Ga 20:23). Tha tội cho mọi người là thuộc sứ mạng phục sinh.
“Chỉ Thiên Chúa mới có quyền tha tội”(Lc 5:21). Vậy nên các ông chỉ tha tội cho người nào Thiên Chúa muốn tha (Ds 22:6 LXX).

3.Khi hiện ra ‘vào ngày thứ nhất trong tuần’, Chúa Giê-su “đã thổi hơi vào các ông” (Ga 20:22) . Đó là ban Thần Khí cho môn đệ vì Thần Khí là lửa thanh tẩy tội lỗi (Đnl 9:21;Cv 2:3), là hơi thở (spiritus) làm cho sống (St 2:7). Như vậy phục sinh là tái tạo nhân loại đã chết vì tội nguyên và, sứ mạng phục sinh là đi trao ban Thần Khí.

4.Tội là không tin vào Tạo Hóa toàn năng mà tin vào thụ tạo thấp hèn và sẽ phải chết (St 3:1-7). Sám hối là tin vào Chúa, từ bỏ chính mình và, làm cho người ta sám hối là làm cho người ta tin vào Chúa để được sống. Vậy Làm cho người ta tin vào Chúa là thuộc sứ mạng phục sinh.

Nếu Tô-ma không tin vào Chúa, vẫn còn chết trong tội thì làm sao có thể thi hành sứ mạng phục sinh? Vậy Chúa đã làm cho ông tin khi giơ tay và cạnh sườn của ngài cho ông thấy (Ga 20:27).

Chúa phục sinh thì ngài sống đời siêu việt cho nên dù Tô-ma đã thấy ‘thân xác Chúa phục sinh thì ông vẫn còn phải tin. Vì ý đó Chúa mới nói với ông : “ Vì anh đã thấy thầy nên anh tin…” (Ga 20:29).

Chúa phục sinh đã cho Tô-ma và các bạn ông thấy thân xác Chúa phục sinh để các ông tin Chúa phục sinh mà đi làm chứng ngài phục sinh.

Nếu các tín hữu không được thấy ‘thân xác Chúa phục sinh nhưng dựa vào chứng cớ của các môn đệ mà tin (Ga 20:31) thì có phúc như lời ngài phán: “Phúc thay những ai không thấy mà tin” ( Ga 20:29).

Các môn đệ thấy Chúa Giê-su trong thân xác hiển vinh. Các tín hữu thấy Chúa Giê-su qua lời chứng và nhân chứng. Không ai thấy ngài trong thiên tính nhưng tin ngài là Thiên Chúa (Ga 20:31) và tuyên xưng như Tô-ma: “Lạy Chúa của con, lạy Thiên Chúa của con” (Ga 20:28). Vậy tất cả còn trên hành trình đức tin cho đến khi ngài “ngự giá mây trời mà đến“ (Mt 26:64; Ga 14:3).

5.Tin Chúa phục sinh thì phải loan báo phục sinh vì đó là Tin Mừng cứu độ. Loan báo phục sinh là sứ mạng phục sinh của các môn đệ và của chúng ta nữa.

Lm.Duy Sinh
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  1. Tháng Tư 7, 2013 lúc 10:56 sáng

    Our Sunday Celebration

    Second Sunday of Easter, Year C

    Stewardship – a way of life- “Jesus said to them again,’Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you.'”
    (John 20:21)

    Peace – The first gift of the risen Lord. Just as Jesus sent the apostles out into the world to share His peace and Good News, so too, He sends us. As disciples of Jesus, we are called to be grateful and generous. We should look for opportunities to share His peace with our brothers and sisters not only within our local parish boundaries, but outside of them as well. In giving, you will receive the peace of Christ.

    Responsorial Psalm

    R. Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his love is everlasting.

    1. Let the sons of Israel say:’His love has no end.’
    Let the sons of Aaron say:’His love has no end.’
    Let those who fear the Lord say:’His love has no end.’ R.

    2. The stone which the builders rejected
    has become the corner stone.
    This is the work of the Lord, a marvel in our eyes.
    This day was made by the Lord;
    we rejoice and are glad. R.

    3. O Lord, grant us salvation;
    O Lord, grant success.
    Blessed in the name of the Lord is he who comes.
    We bless you from the house of the Lord;
    the Lord God is our light. R.

    Communion Antiphon:

    Bring your hand and feel the place of the nails, and do not be unbelieving but believing, alleluia.


    Every year on the Sunday after Easter, the greatest celebration of faith, we encounter the gospel’s most famous story of doubt: the story of Thomas, who demands proof before he will believe. We live in an age when we are surrounded by Thomases – not only doubters, but disbelievers. The so-called “New Atheists” like Richard Dawkins have become 21st century icons. More and more, atheists are seeking to challege believers, and are making their voices heard in the public square.

    This Sunday, we mark Divine Mercy Sunday, when we embrace the power and beauty of God’s forgiveness. It is the Sunday in which we remind ourselves of God’s tender mercies – when we strive, more than ever, to let Him break through the locked doors of our hearts.

    It is a time for fulfilling the promise of the Resurrection, the glorious hope of Easter. Christ has left the tomb. If we choose to, so can we. We can step out of the tomb of selfishness and sin. We can feel the healing light of God’d care. We can take that second chance.

    God’s mercy, Divine Mercy, assures it.
    The Sacrament of Reconciliation enables it.
    We can be made new.

    Fr Gerard Mulholland SVD

  2. Tháng Tư 8, 2013 lúc 1:55 sáng


    This is the pratical wisdom as through the words our recently elected Pope Francis:

    “We cannot truly respond to the challenge of eradicating exclusion and poverty if the poor are an object, the arget of paternalist and charitable action by the state and other organisations, and not subjects, for whom the state and society create conditions that promote
    and protect their rights and allow them to build their own future.”

  3. Nguyễn Văn Mơ
    Tháng Tư 14, 2013 lúc 11:10 sáng


    O GOD, shepherd and ruler of all the faithful,
    look favourably on your servant Francis,
    whom you have set
    at the head of your Church as her shepherd;
    grant, we pray, that by word and example
    he may be of service to those over whom he presides
    so that, together with the flock entrusted to his care,
    he may come to everlasting life.

    Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
    who lives and reigns with you
    in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
    one God, for ever and ever.


  4. Nguyễn Văn Mơ
    Tháng Tư 14, 2013 lúc 11:18 sáng

    After his election on 13 March 2013,
    POPE FRANCIS addressed the crowds:

    Now I would like to impart the blessing,
    but first, first I ask a favour of you.
    Before the bishop blesses the people,
    I ask that you pray to the Lord that he bless me:
    the prayer of the people
    asking a blessing for their bishop.
    Let us pray in silence, this your prayer for me.

  5. Nguyễn Văn Mơ
    Tháng Tư 16, 2013 lúc 9:11 sáng

    MY LORD AND MY GOD. St Thomas was a great apostle who is believed to have preached the Good News as far afield as India. Later, he was martyred for his faith. May the risen Christ come to us, as he came to Thomas, and strengthen our faith. May we in turn express our faith by being ambassadors of mercy and reconciliation.

    YEAR OF FAITH: 2012-2013

    25. The Paschal Mystery

    The Paschal (Easter) Mystery is at the centre of our faith. This Mystery is so profound that we can not identify it with a single moment or a single event. Its culmination is the celebration of Easter – or more specifically the Easter Triduum.

    Holy Thursday focuses on the Last Super. In instituting the Eucharist Jesus looked ahead to his death and resurrection. Those who celebrate the Eucharist, especially at the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, participate here and now in the same mystery of his death and resurrection. The ritual of the foot-washing reminds us not just that service is at the heart of Jesus’ actions, but also that it is at the heart of the Paschal Mystery and the Christian life.

    The Celebration of the Lord’s Passion on Good Friday continues to draw us into the Paschal Mystery. It is as though the liturgy is calling us to rejoice in this Mystery. The Passion of St John gives us the image of Jesus victorious in death, reigning from a tree. There is no cry of lament from the Jesus of John’s Gospel. This sense of victory continues in the Veneration of the Cross. The cross is no longer an image of shame, but of salvation.

    At the Easter Vigil we listen to the history of God’s mighty works among his people. This is salvation history, and it culminates in the resurrection of Jesus. He is the light that overcomes the darkness. He is a light that keeps shining brightly. The presence of the Paschal Candle through the Easter season reminds us of the great mystery we celebrate each time we gather for worship.

    Fr Gerard Kelly

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